Office must-haves. How to furnish your home office.

Successful remote work is not only about good organisation and self-discipline. It is also about having a comfortable and eye-pleasing space to help you perform your duties efficiently. Today, we will tell you how to arrange an office in the comfort of your own home and what items you can furnish it with.

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A table is not a desk

Sohos desk

It would seem that remote work can be done anywhere. But imagine sitting at a coffee table, or with a laptop in your lap for a longer period of time. And you can’t replace a desk with a kitchen top or dining table either. A simple, neutral white model that visually brightens up the space will be the best choice for a home office. It will also provide you with enough work surface and appropriate height for prolonged sitting.

Sit back

No matter if your office is large or small, you will always need a chair. It is what makes your work comfortable and helps you maintain the optimal, healthy body position. It is definitely a good idea to choose an ergonomic swivel model with height and armrest adjustment, such as the Kenari. This investment will pay off quickly, as you are going to spend a large portion of your day in the chair of your choice.

Sohos chair

Good lighting

What any office, including your home office, needs in particular is good lighting design. Position your desk sideways to the window to allow as much natural light as possible to fall on the desktop, without dazzling you at the same time. You will also need an office light for cloudy days or night work.

For a tidy desk

You should also invest in organisers, which are great when you need to discreetly stash away your desktop clutter. And they can actually help you organise your work. For instance, a mesh or cork board placed over your desk will hold your to-do list for the day and other things to remember, or simply items that make your work more enjoyable. It will help you stop displacing things and keep everything at hand.

Home office
Home office


Have it your way

Think of your home office as a shrine of creativity and decorate it with stuff that brings up good associations. It's no secret that people work better in places that look beautiful. So go on, accessorise, and do not hesitate to hang your favourite picture over the desk. It is important that you have something friendly to rest your eyes on once in a while, to look away from the computer screen. Also, do not forget about greenery – even a small plant will make your space more lively.

To sum up, we hope that your home office has everything you need and, just as importantly, you will have a great time working in it!

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