How to decorate a space for the kids?

In a child's room, activities such as learning, playing and sleeping all take place in a small space. Designer’s work is made even more difficult by the fact that the room’s occupants grow up quickly, so the space must be flexible enough to be adjusted easily. How do you achieve it?


To have fun

Shelves in a children's room will never be as tidy as those you see in storefronts. Furniture with multiple drawers or boxes will therefore be a good solution, making it easier for the child to keep their stuff organised. Help your child have a drawer for arts and crafts, surprises or teddy bears and bedtime books. But don’t put everything away in the boxes – leave a couple of things out to encourage play.

And when play is replaced by other activities, setting aside a designated space can be an incentive to pursue a passion. How about a music corner, for example? Or one for arts-and-crafts?

To express yourself

A child’s development is marked by constant change. It is important to remember this also applies to taste. Choosing classic and versatile models does not necessarily mean the space will not have an individual character. It is more practical to achieve that by using items that are easy to change – bedding, curtains and posters. Wallpapers and wall stickers that will not leave a trace on the wall when you decide to get rid of them are readily available. A wall covered with chalkboard paint or a cork board where your child can be creative or show off their achievements can also be an interesting feature.

Sohos Smart
Sohos Ministyle

To grow

When your child becomes a pupil, there is no room for compromise when it goes for his or her workspace: a comfortable chair and a matching desk are a must. Chairs from the Smart line have been designed to keep up with how your child grows. Seat height and backrest height are adjustable, as is the distance between backrest and seat, so this model will support the healthy posture of your child for several years. Don’t forget about lighting! A desk light, bedside lamp and ceiling lighting are a must.

To relax

Finally, it’s time to relax! A comfortable bed is primarily about a healthy night's sleep, but it can also have extra features. An extendable bed will grow with the child, while some other types can help you save space, such as mezzanine beds or models with large storage compartments. Subdued colours and control of the visual chaos will definitely help the child relax. When you decide to include your child in the process of arranging their room, try to suggest solutions that will make that easier. Plan for a spotlight where your child spends most of their free time – over a pouf, armchair or couch.

Last but not least: make sure products you choose are suitable for your children’s age. All furniture and heavy or glass objects must be secured, so that your child’s unabashed ingenuity is not a threat to their safety.

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