A small space is a big challenge. How to meet it?

A small office doesn’t need to be a constraint. By choosing the right furnishings you can create a space that is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

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Opt for minimalism

Choosing simple, small-sized furniture will help you achieve two goals in one go. Firstly, you will save space. An office chair with a massive backrest or a desk that is bigger than you need are examples of furniture that can be easily replaced by other models without losing any functionality. Secondly, by sticking to simple shapes you will avoid overwhelming the space with an accumulation of accessories. Some furniture can perform multiple functions or be adaptable to various tasks – think how you can make use of what you have. Absolutely remove all non-essential items. Freedom of movement comes first!

Light up the interior

If your space is tight, there are methods of making it look visually bigger. The easiest way to do that is to go for bright colours of both furniture and walls. Though expressive details can add character to a space, you should not have too many, or the space will feel overwhelmed, which will negatively impact your employees’ mood. Lighting has a part to play too, so don’t let any corner fade away in the dark. Pay attention to flooring and carpets – a uniformly, wall-to-wall covered floor is a well-known trick to make a room seem bigger.

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Plan all the way to the ceiling

Why limit yourself to the floor? Walls are a great place to hang cabinets that will help you organise your work station. Models with doors will work best in tight rooms, as they can be used to hide away a lot of small items to avoid cluttering the space. You can also use wall hooks and cork boards to keep your office supplies in order, and take pressure off desktops which will, naturally, be small. When choosing a desk, go for one with cabinets or drawers, otherwise you risk wasting a lot of space under the top.

Make sure it is quiet

In an open-space office, if you don’t take care of acoustics, having even a few people in the room may make it almost impossible to focus. So it is worth choosing items that can soundproof the space. Start with upholstered furniture and carpets, but soundproofing panels may also be necessary, depending on the nature of the work. Having a separate small telephone booth or a room for focused work can provide extra comfort to employees, who can use those spaces to call a customer or perform tasks that require concentration and quietness.

Small office
Small office


Small office


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