Space for innovation: an office for a start-up

For every start-up, the creative process will be slightly different and require different adjustments to the office space. But regardless of the individual nature of the work, some solutions will definitely support work optimisation and help develop the team’s potential.

Sohos start up Eggy

Firstly: a space for discussion

In its early days, any business needs to work out a number of important solutions regarding aspects such as the final shape of the product or business strategy. When designing the office, you should therefore think about spaces that are not only suitable for a brainstorming session, but actually encourage such exchange of thoughts. 

Here, comfort can be key. Jam-packed rooms and people leaning against the walls are definitely out of the question. The more varied the seats, the better. How about a chair, a pouf or a small sofa? And who knows, maybe there are people who get the best ideas while lying down? Place whiteboards or flipcharts nearby to clearly indicate what the space is designed for.

Sohos whiteboards flipcharts

Secondly: a moment in the quiet

On every team, there is someone who appreciates the quietness of a more private space. It will also be appreciated by your potential investors who are going to keep a close eye on your professionalism when paying a visit. Your best choice will therefore be to arrange a traditional conference room – a big table with chairs will do justice to the important moments. If you want to impart an individual character to a space to emphasise the uniqueness of your project, you should take care of the details: apply some wall stickers or create a plant composition.

Sohos conference room

Thirdly: a space that inspires

The look of a space is not the most crucial issue, but people who feel good are definitely more productive and more willing to work. This is particularly important when the business is at the development stage, which often involves sacrifice and a great deal of commitment. 

Sohos start up

Details such as unconventional (but not necessarily flashy) colour combinations, plants, original decorations and natural light will give your employees a breather, and maybe even redirect their thoughts to completely fresh solutions. And since we are on the subject of pleasures: a common dining space and a table tennis corner have become increasingly widespread perks.

Most importantly: functionality

Variety at the workplace is something employees look for in offices more and more. But when you work in a sitting position for many hours a day, nothing compares to the comfort of a chair designed specifically for office purposes and a matching desk. Make sure the backrest is comfortable and contoured, and the chair has additional adjustment options. You should be able to adjust chair height, backrest angle and seat depth, like in the Antero model. When planning out your perfect office space, remember to keep a balance between proven solutions and interesting, tempting innovations. So make sure you plan well the things that always seem boring in the office: details such as a printer or scanner corner can sometimes make a change. A functional space is one where you are not distracted by any inconvenience.

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