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Work and stay on the move. Why you should keep ergonomics in mind?

People’s lifestyles are more and more sedentary, especially if you work at the computer.  In the long run, the insufficiently dynamic sitting is a threat to our health. Do you spend too much time at your desk too? Remember there’s more to exercise than just jogging and gym. See how you can bring physical activity into your daily life... by sitting in a chair! 


When you sit too much

Did you know that an increasing number of people do absolutely no physical activity at all, and as many as 40 percent say they have no time for that?

You should know that staying in the seated position for too long can lead to a number of ailments and health problems, such as headache, pain in the neck, sacrum, shoulders and wrists. It can also cause diseases of the spine, as well as digestive and vascular disorders.

The situation is further complicated by the pandemic, as some physical activities cannot be performed at the moment. It is therefore so important to take care of your health also when doing sitting work. You can really make a big change by following the basic principles of ergonomics.

Firstly: take care of what’s around you

Your workplace should be convenient and comfortable. If you work from home, a well-lit desk or table is essential. You should also make sure the top edge of your monitor is positioned about two centimetres above your line of vision. This will help prevent the rounding of your spine. If your desk or table is too low, you can put a book under your laptop. Also, make sure you have sufficient legroom. You should be able to rest your legs freely on the floor.


Secondly: a good ergonomic chair

A good chair is one that adapts to you and your body. Before you start working, adjust the seat to match your height. It is very important to adjust the seat so that your elbows, resting on the desk, and your knees are positioned at a 90-degree angle. A well contoured backrest, supporting the lumbar spine, is useful too. An ergonomic chair needs to be a swivel chair, preferably with a five-star base and castors, to allow natural movement. Check if the backrest can be unlocked, so that you can rock in the chair freely.

Thirdly: work and exercise

Employees spend an average of seven hours of their work day in the sitting position. Of course, you should not stay absolutely still throughout that time. Keep in mind the 50/25/25 rule: every working hour should be made up of 50% sitting, 25% standing and 25% moving. You should change your position 4-8 times a day.

Sohos ćwiczenia

You can also do simple stretching exercises, which will make you more fit. Check this link to find some examples of exercises for the eyes, head and neck, arms, spine and legs that you can do in the office and at home: A set of exercises to stay healthy at work (nowystyl.com)

We hope we have convinced you how important for your health are physical activity and an ergonomic workstation for seated work. It's your move now – try to put these few rules into practice. Start with small steps and enjoy good health!


1 As shown by a recent study of EU citizens, https://www.euractiv.pl/section/rolnictwowpr/news/komisarz-navracsics-apelujemy-o-zdrowszy-styl-zycia/

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