Choosing a chair for your home office

With a properly organised workspace, remote work can be just as comfortable as working in a modern office. When choosing furniture, it’s good to focus on functionality alongside the design.


Home office – some consider it a luxury, while others regard it as a challenge. It does have certain indisputable advantages, though. While you’re at home, it’s up to you to decide where to put the desk. You are free to occupy your favourite spot near the window. If you appreciate silence, you don’t have to put up with the hum of the air-conditioning system or the usual office buzz.

Ergonomic - made to suit your needs

Despite the abovementioned advantages of working from home, you may find it hard to get comfy while sitting in front of your PC. When you remain in a sitting position for 8 hours (⅓ of your day), forget about making regular breaks and can’t find the time for a longer walk, an ergonomic chair is the best solution. It will provide the necessary support to help you remain in a healthy position, and minimise everyday fatigue. It will also reduce the risk of excess load on your spine, which may have dire consequences in the future.

First of all, the chair must be functional - comfortable and safe to use. Other criteria depend on your needs and expectations.

Be inspired by selected models by SOHOS by Nowy Styl.

Enjoy – breathable and profiled

Enjoy the smooth adjustment option for each element: headrest, backrest, seat and armrests. This chair can be adjusted to suit your needs.

A special mechanism facilitates the swaying movement and mesh upholstery guarantees perfect ventilation. Enjoy will reduce the sense of fatigue. Now the time you spend at the desk is a sheer pleasure.

This chair comes with an extra feature, which you will appreciate especially if you suffer from chronic lower back pain. This is a divided backrest, which supports the natural curve of your spine - and once you’re comfortable, you can easily focus on your work.

Enjoy will fit into a modern or minimalist space.


Sonata – stylish and durable


If you appreciate exceptional durability and want a chair that will stay with you for years, check out Sonata 24/7. The upholstery is resistant to abrasion - on both sides. That’s why you can use this model without having to worry about unsightly tears or chafing. This is a chair for the most demanding users. It has been designed to withstand a lot of strain and intense use.

You will like Sonata not only because of its durability - its key features include a broad seat, ergonomic backrest and smart design.

This model will go well with both traditional and modern interiors. It’s versatile, yet interesting and eye-catching.

Bizzi – classic meets comfort

This chair gains on acquaintance. It’s extremely comfortable. The armrests can be adjusted in 3 dimensions. You can also regulate the height, so that the whole length of your back gets optimum support.

If you don’t like to compromise when it comes to comfort, you will be happy to discover a range of amenities under the classic design. Are you looking for a wide, soft seat and accurate adjustment? That’s what Bizzi stands for.

With its traditional design, it will look great in any space. Feel free to experiment with upholstery colours, if you want to add a splash of colour to your interior.


Ergonomics at workplace affects our physical and mental wellbeing. A well-planned and properly arranged workspace with comfortable furniture will increase your efficiency and boost your motivation, not to mention your satisfaction with work.

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