How to arrange a lab or a workshop?

Specialised spaces call for special furniture, which will adjust to the specific routine of the staff. Read on to find out what to look out for when choosing products for a workshop, lab or canteen.

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What does a carpenter’s workshop and an architectural studio have in common? Both are places where people are constantly in motion, often changing positions and workstations. Such spaces should have all the necessary equipment and tools, and comply with all the mandatory workplace safety provisions. And if you also want to focus on your comfort and health, you are well advised to choose ergonomic furniture.

There’s no doubt that choosing a proper chair is the key – a chair organises your workspace and offers a moment of relaxation in the midst of a hectic day. Cashy is a practical and well-designed solution for those of you who are in motion. Depending on the needs, you can choose between a model supported on a stable base with feet or a mobile option on wheels. The latter is a good idea when you move between a few workstations rather than sit behind a single desk.

Each craftsman needs a space where they can feel free to create. Creative effort in a workshop may often produce one hell of a mess. Oil, paint or glue stains are rather common. With its synthetic finish, Cashy can withstand frequent cleaning and disinfection.

Sohos Cashy


If you have ever arranged a laboratory, you will know that a place like this needs to conform to very strict safety rules. Even a minor fault may result in a number of errors and workplace accidents. Working on groundbreaking research and discoveries must be done in an environment that fosters focus and comfort.

In a medical or science lab the staff use desks and workstations that are considerably higher than standard solutions. It’s good to note that the needs of lab specialists differ from those of bank or office employees. In a laboratory you often have to stand up or sit on a tall stool while working. Remember about the necessary height adjustment to make sure the chairs match desks of non-standard height. A well-designed chair ensures appropriate freedom of movement and can be moved single-handedly and without undue effort. Goliat – a mobile chair with a rotating seat and adjustable height up to 81.5 cm – effectively supports the position chosen by a researcher. This practical model with a ring base footrest relieves the pressure on your feet and offers comfort even when you’re working behind a high desk. The chair doesn’t take up much space, so it can be easily slid under the desk.

In fact, all the furniture in a room full of innovative, advanced equipment and glass objects should be 100% functional. A good idea will be one of the modular solutions, which can be easily adjusted to the ongoing tasks, equipment and machines in the lab. Mobile workstations and compact-sized lockers will help you arrange an efficient workspace and make sure everything is in order.


When arranging a meeting space, visited by hundreds of people every day, you want to choose robust chairs, which will withstand regular cleaning. When looking for furniture for an office canteen, you are well advised to opt for practical solutions – choose a synthetic finish rather than traditional upholstery. Each canteen is a vibrant place, full of life. The tables and chairs are often moved and arranged in a variety of configurations. A practical handle in the backrest of Cashy will be useful when it comes to everyday cleaning and numerous rearrangements.

You will find more functional chairs here.

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Cashy is a functional and aesthetic rotational chair, available in 3 variants.

Cashy Counter has a five-star base with feet - it’s recommended for spaces with high desks or counters. The feet offer stability and the ring base footer means you can assume a comfortable and appropriate position while working.

Another option is a five-star model on wheels. It’s versatile enough to be used with a standard desk or a high tabletop.

The last variant comes with a four-star base, which accounts for its unique, modern look. Optional armrests will boost your comfort and by offering extra support relieve the pressure on your back and arms.

Since Cashy is made of synthetic materials, it will withstand intense use, frequent cleaning and disinfection. It is available in 4 colours. Paired with the interesting shape, it gives you the opportunity to adjust this chair to any space.


Sohos Cashy

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