A few practical tips when furnishing a flat for rent

A flat that is rented the minute you publish your ad - that’s the dream of every real estate owner. How do you arrange a flat so as to meet the tenants’ needs?

SOHOS mieszkanie na wynajem

Desk comes first

More and more people work from home, so they will need a desk. It’s an essential piece of furniture in every flat for rent.

This simple item can have a variety of important functions. It’s not only a place where you work, study and play games. It can also become a real operational centre for a family. This is where you usually plan weekend trips or play engaging board games.

Just like a table is the heart of your home, a desk may offer you the comfort and peace to perform individual and creative tasks.

It’s a good idea to place it in a quiet corner of a room – preferably perpendicular to the window. In this position you can make the most of the natural light and ensure it’s not reflected by the computer screen. The desk should be big enough to hold all the necessary office equipment. It should match the colours and materials  used in the room – you don’t want this one piece to introduce total chaos.

Comfortable home office

The tenants may have a variety of needs, but many of them will appreciate a workspace or a place where you can put a desk. If you want to make your flat extra attractive, remember to include a few functional zones inside. Even if it’s small, you can arrange a mini-office and a chillout zone. Sometimes it’s enough to separate the two with a sofa or a chest of drawers.

If you have more than one room, you can arrange a study in one of them. To boost your effectiveness at work, it’s a good idea to separate the professional zone from the private, if only with a single wall.

And once we’re at it, the colour of the walls matters as well. Cold colours – blue, green and purple – are neutral, good for your eyesight and focus. If you go for white, make sure the interior is complete with paintings, posters or curtains in a nice shade.

Remember to provide all the necessary equipment for the kitchen and bathroom – these facilities account for the general impression of any flat. Furnish the living room with comfortable sofas and armchairs – a soft quilt or cushions will make them cosy.

If you work from home, you may grow to associate your personal space with duty. A trend known as workation was designed to overcome this tiresome routine. Home office is a brand new mode, which offers a range of new opportunities, also to landlords – e.g. you can offer a flat to rent and work in a seaside or holiday resort. Since all you need to work is a laptop and Wi-Fi, you could work from virtually any place in the world, couldn’t you? Workation combines the best things about working  full-time and being on holiday, which is why this concept is becoming increasingly popular of lately.

SOHOS mieszkanie na wynajem

Perfect place to study

Students also need a comfortable place to work. Basic essentials include a study corner and a comfy bed. After all, sleep offers excellent relief after a long day of stress and strain, especially if you spend long hours poring over textbooks. For those looking for a flat, premium standard is not always the top priority. Extras, such as carpets, paintings or other decorations may add to the total cost, but they are often highly impractical. The key to arranging a good flat for students is choosing comfortable, functional furniture for the bedroom, so as to make it a nice place to study and relax.

Remember that an ergonomic chair will be a great asset in any study. This is where people spend most of their day, whether they work, play, study or surf the Internet. A good office chair has an adjustable backrest and armrests - the Bizzi model being a case in point. Go for simple interior design – the students can always arrange the space the way they like, for example by putting up posters or photos.

Whether for work or study, your flat is being arranged for tenants and this is something you should keep in mind. The best idea is to go for versatile and practical solutions. You don’t have to follow your own taste in this case. The tenants’ needs come first unless you want your flat to remain empty.

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