3 easy steps to make you feel better in 2022

If you want the new year to be more than just a new number in your calendar, explore and test a few recommended ways to feel better and find the right balance.


The best changes are those that can be implemented right away. The most popular New Year’s wishes are related to health and good luck, but in fact most of our wellbeing is up to us. Think of how you could take care of yourself without having to go out of your way. Maybe it’s a good idea to make your home office slightly more comfortable? Or to make the most of your time, so that you have the opportunity to relax and enjoy life? And all of this in order to achieve work-life balance.

Step 1: Make provisions for your home office

If you happen to work on a kitchen stool or with a laptop placed on your knees, you will know how fast your body responds in an adverse manner and shuns the unpleasant tension. A functional chair will boost your comfort and provide a stable support to your back, head and elbows. Pick a height adjustment desk to go with it, and soon you will be able to find relief and enjoy a brand new quality of your everyday work.

Another modification you may want to consider is standing position, which is rather good for your spine. To start with, try standing up for 15 minutes after each hour you spend sitting behind the desk. Stretch, bend down a few times, and take a few mindful breaths. Take a walk around your home, move your body a bit - it’s not a waste of time: each break will in fact boost your efficiency and focus. Do you have a lot of phone calls and e-meetings? Try to engage in these while you’re outside on a stroll or walking around your room.

Step 2: Protect your eyes from digital fatigue

In the new year pay more attention to what your body is trying to tell you. Even if you have to work with a computer, you can try to reduce the effects of the so called digital eye strain. When you spend long hours in front of the screen, your eyes might start to feel dry. You may also experience headache or become overly sensitive to light. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate this condition.

If you need to use your PC after dark, set a blue light filter - this will help you maintain the right sleep-wake cycle and keep your mind and body at peace. Make regular breaks while you’re at work (e.g. every 60 minutes), look away from the screen and stare out of the window, at something in the distance, for at least 20 seconds. Frequent blinking moisturises your eyes and relaxes the muscles around your eyeballs. We also suggest trying eye yoga - you can explore a few relaxing exercises and include them in your daily routine. The easiest exercises involve intense blinking, drawing sideways figure 8s with your eyes or squeezing your eyelids shut for a few seconds.


Step 3: Log your mind out

The best you can do to boost your health is set a clear boundary between your duties and relaxation. When work mingles with life, it’s hard to find balance and chill out. Divide your day into sections and assign each of them to specific activities.

For example: plan an hour for yourself in the morning - take a short walk, stretch, find the time to have breakfast without haste. When you’re working, focus solely on your duties. Forget about distractions - this will help you complete your work and leave your desk sooner. In the afternoon find some time to relax with your family. Don’t forget about your hobbies and friends, either.

While you’re moving around, you boost your intellectual efficiency, and outings with friends are crucial if you don’t have the opportunity to socialise in the office. Social interactions tap into your need for attachment and sense of belonging - this in turn will boost your level of happiness and satisfaction.

In the evening try to chill out and find some peace. It’s a good idea to relax with a book or listen to music. Put away your phone and computer - quality time offline is crucial for effective intellectual regeneration.


We keep our fingers crossed for all the small changes you want to implement in order to boost your comfort and help you make the most of your day -  we hope you manage to find the time for your hobbies, leisure activities or an extra hour of precious sleep.

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