Easy-maintenance furniture. Which model to choose?

In some places visited by hundreds of people every day it’s vital to keep the furniture impeccably clean. See what to look out for when choosing furniture for a health care facility, canteen or waiting room.


Hygiene comes first

Doctor’s offices, waiting rooms or hospital canteens must conform to the highest hygiene standards. This is regulated by relevant workplace safety provisions, which have grown even stricter than before during the pandemic. Frequent cleaning protects patients and staff from undesired and dangerous infections.

That’s why for health care facilities it’s best to choose furniture with smooth, dirt-repellent surfaces. As regards chairs, the best choice will be those without upholstery (textile upholstery is a NO), because it’s a high-maintenance material and takes a long time to dry when cleaned. Sanitising upholstered furniture requires special equipment, such as a steam vacuum cleaner. If you decide to use a detergent with alcohol, you could damage the fabric or leave marks.

It’s good to choose functional furniture made of plastic - then you can easily clean and sanitise it with available detergents. It’s also important for the furniture to be durable, resistant to abrasion or deformation, and able to withstand frequent contact with water. Inta chairs have all this and more, that’s why they will be as good as new even when intensely used.


Resistant to dirt, detergents and weather

Ergonomics and sterility are a joint priority in food courts, cafeterias and restaurants. When planning to arrange a canteen, cafeteria or a bistro, keep in mind that such places are rather busy at certain times. Tables and chairs are rearranged all the time and removed when the whole place is cleaned. That’s why it’s good to choose lightweight, handy furniture, e.g. made of polypropylene. Your employees will definitely appreciate it.

Polypropylene is dirt-repellent and resistant to weather and most detergents. That’s why this furniture can also be used outdoors - in a restaurant garden or on a terrace. Cruzo table - available with a round or square top - will look great in a café.


If you want to arrange a waiting room that will serve as a trademark of your facility, remember that aesthetics and comfort must be coupled with functionality. Models with profiled backrest and armrests are a good idea especially if patients or clients are in for a long wait. Inta chairs can be fitted with a soft, upholstered seat cover.

Choose your furniture wisely - a proper choice will boost the comfort of prospective users and make life easier for your staff.

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