Furniture that will help you organise a meeting

When organising a meeting, you can’t predict all the things that could go wrong. Appropriate and reliable equipment can help you save time and focus on the matters that call for immediate actions and unconventional solutions. That’s one way of making your event successful in the eyes of observant participants. How do you go about choosing the right furniture to help you deal with the situation?

The power of first impression

Each event has its own, unique character. It is shaped by the guests and organisers and the surroundings - including everyday objects. That’s why it’s good to consider the design and choose furniture that can be used on several occasions. For this, you need versatile options, which can also function as decorative elements of your meeting space.

See what style goes with your vision – maybe you want to come across as smart and elegant? Or maybe you appreciate unconventional, colourful patterns and designs? Some models are available in a wide range of finishes, so you can easily match them to your needs. A good example of such a solution is the line of Iso chairs. With them, you also get to choose extra functions, such as armrests. Do you need a folded tabletop or a basket under the seat? Either of these solutions will boost your comfort, but only you know what style will suit you best and what functionalities your clients would appreciate.


Each event needs at least one table. Depending on the function, the table could become a central piece of the space, or be pushed slightly away from the focus, into a corner, to lure the participants with refreshments. That’s why Cruzo models come in a variety of shapes and sizes. What they do have in common is the special lightweight construction, which means they can easily be moved and will fit in with virtually any interior.


Beyond the obvious

An event is more than what you can see. It involves hours spent on the organisation and a team of people to provide backstage support. The invisible success factors also include the features of the products, which may significantly impact the comfort of your work.

Each space is different, so it’s best to look for modular equipment, composed of smaller pieces, which can be rearranged to match your current needs and limitations. Although you might think a chair is just a chair, you will soon discover that some models are better than others when it comes to containing chaos in a meeting place. Classic Amigo chairs can be connected and disconnected to match the newly arranged space. Chico chairs with their basic design are unparalleled space-savers - the construction includes only essential elements. These models are comfortable and don’t need extra storage space.


Simple design is invaluable when you want to keep things tidy and orderly –  small details or intricate forms may be difficult to clean. When you know the furniture may be exposed to staining, it’s good to consider plastic products, as they are extremely easy to clean. A perfect example is Amigo, a chair made with durable polypropylene.  Additionally, the special construction means these chairs can be stacked, so you don’t need extra storage space. It’s a major advantage when your business is growing and you get to organise bigger events.

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